Fairway Insurance Inc. primarily markets and services small business owners, commercial and personal insurance needs. Fairway is a closely held sub-chapter S corporation licensed to transact property, casualty, life, health and bonds. The shares are held by Michael G. Ventura.

Fairway Insurance Inc. is licensed in the state of Maryland with non-resident licenses in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. All staff members are currently licensed agents.

Our insurance agency operates from an 880 square foot office located at 306 E. Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Towson, Md, which is owned by the principal of our agency. We offer private parking for our clients, staff and carrier representatives.

Fairway is dedicated to providing insurance products at a fair price and delivering personal policyholder service. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients, staff members and our carriers that respects the interests and goals of each party.

Success will be measured by our clients choosing us because we meet or exceed their expectations of price, service and professionalism.

We believe the keys to our success are: Knowledgeable, friendly staff that can effect coverages in the best interest of the needs of our clients in accordance with the underwriting guidelines of our carriers Policies and endorsements delivered on time with minimal errors. A commitment to an annual policy review for all of our clients.

Michael Ventura had a dream to form an insurance agency where a client could purchase a good product at a fair price and also receive a high level of policyholder service. With this in mind and his dissatisfaction with the management style of some of Baltimore's oldest and largest agencies, Ventura and Billy R. Hollon, a former loss control specialist, set out to form their own agency. This company was to offer full service to small commercial clients, writing property and casualty coverages together with group health and life. Personal coverages would also be offered to the owners of these businesses.

Ventura, an avid golfer, suggested the name "Fair Lines" for the agency, indicating the fair insurance lines. Hollon countered with "Fairway" for the way the customers were to be treated (and yet still carry the golf connotation). Thus, the Fairway Executive Group Limited Partenership t/a Fairway Insurance Agency was created. In December of 1981, with an initial contribution of only $25.00 each, the partners began in a 100 square foot office at 7925 York Road in Towson, Maryland.

Mr. Hollon developed medical problems and resigned from the business in February, 1982. Ventura, 27 years old at that time, was now the owner and sole stockholder. The company incorporated under the laws of Maryland in 1983. In 1985 the office moved to more spacious quarters at 7215 York Rd. In July of 1987 Fairway Insurance, Inc. acquired the Century Insurance Agency from the Century 21 Real Estate Company. The office was moved again to Dulaney Valley Road, in December, 1989.

Due to production goals set by the agency management, premium volume doubled each year for five consecutive years. Volume rose due to our commitment of service to the clients. In 1987 an agency funded formal continuing education program was created for our staff.

Fairway Insurance, Inc. reached an agreement to acquire the Columbia Insurance Associates effective July 1, 1991. In January, 1992, Mr. Ventura purchased our current headquarters building at 306 E. Pennsylvania Avenue in Towson. In October, 1994, Professional Insurance was acquired from H.L. Bass. Fairway acquired the William F. Appel Insurance Agency in March, 2002. Continued growth in the future through acquisitions and mergers together with new business premiums will help to assure agency perpetuation.

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